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School Priorities Survey What should be the priorities of a school that wants to be among the best? Given choices among school characteristics, which would you prefer?
Your Image of the University What do you think college or university life is like? What was it like in the past?
Is It Punishment? Is it Cruel? Decide among the cases described whether they are clearly or clearly not punishment. Is cruelty involved? Maybe the cases are unclear. You decide.
Is it Violence? Is it Wrong? Do any of the cases describe an incident of violence? Are they depicting something wrong? Can you decide one way or the other?
Is Wisdom Different From Knowledge? Consider the cases described. Is someone displaying knowledge? Are they also being wise? Maybe not. You decide.
Education/Socialization/Schooling Are there examples that clearly illustrate and separate these related ideas from one another?
Effective, Moral and Worthy Teaching What's the fuss? We know how to make people learn. But why are some methods not permitted?
Assumptions Supporting a Conceptual Framework for an Educational Program What's the point of education? What deep assumptions support your program?
Justice, Expedience or Favoritism Do you care what's fair? Or is taking action more important?