Your Image of University Life: a course prequiz
1999 Edward G. Rozycki
edited 4/3/12

Use the following scale to evaluate the statements below.:

True: 1; Probably True: 2; Don't Know: 3; Probably False: 4; False: 5.

T - PT - ? - PF - F
1. American Universities to a great extent carry on traditions begun in Medieval European universities.
2. University study has generally meant theoretical pursuit.
3. Universities are sheltered, quiet places.
4. By and large, colleges and universities assume the seriousness of their students, even if there is some youthful playing around.
5. Higher education has traditionally pursued the expansion of knowledge.
6. Religion has almost always played an important role in the structure of curriculum in higher education.
7. The British were the strongest influence on the structure and governance of American higher education.
8. The height of violence on American college campuses was reached during the years of the Vietnam War.
9. Fraternities have been part-and-parcel of college and university life for centuries.
10. Early American colleges were White, all male bastions.
11. Throughout American history colleges have generally viewed as playgrounds for the idle rich.
12. School colors is a tradition that reaches back into early American history, if not earlier.
13. Sports have always been an important part of American college life.
14. Leadership and study of the humanities have long been associated in American colleges.
15. Only recently colleges and universities have had to provide special preparatory training to underprepared students.
16. American colleges and universities have always been preoccupied with financial problems.
17. The physical punishment of students has been rigorously excluded from higher education.
18. Private universities, unlike public universities, could not rely on governmental funds for support, except for defense contracting.
19. Research, rather than teaching, is what faculty in most colleges and universities are judged by for promotion and tenure.
20. Football has undermined the academic pursuits of most colleges and lowered their esteem in the eyes of the general public.