Case Studies: Justice, Expedience, Favoritism
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edited 4/12/14

Using the following scale, evaluate each case in each column independently:

1= definitely not; 2 = probably not; 3 = undecided; 4 = probably so; 5 = definitely so.

How would you characterize Sam's action in each of the following cases?





1. Sam pays John twice what he does Mary for the same work.


2. Sam is reading Joe's book because he left his own at home.


3. Sam lays off Jack, his employee, to reduce business losses.


4. Sam lets Harry pass ahead of him in the race.


5. Roughhousing, Harry and Jane break a vase. Sam punishes Harry but not Jane.


6. Sam beats Harry at poker, an illegal game in the town where they are staying.


7. Sam beats Harry at poker by cheating.


8. When taxes are raised, Sam, because he is a teacher, must pay more.


9. Sam refuses to punish Harry, who told him a lie.


10. Sam, who is broke, steals bread to feed his children.


Transfer corresponding data points from any two columns onto a 5x5 graph to see if any correlations occur.