School Priorities Inventory

© 1990 Gary K Clabaugh & Edward G. Rozycki

Identifying your preferred expectation model of the school

for the theory behind this survey see
School Images: expectations & controversies


edited 4/3/12

Read each of the statements and rate each of the alternative completions in columns A, B. and C. Write your ratings in the block with the alternatives using these numbers: 1 (strongly disagree), 2 (disagree), 3. (undecided), 4. (agree) or 5 (strongly agree). You may rank alternatives equally if you think it appropriate.



Statement A B C

1. The best schools are those that insist on…

high academic standards

efficient instruction

participation of all concerned in decision making

2. A good principal is one who…

is a scholar

is a good manager

is a mediator

3. School rules should…

give moral direction

support instructional goals

recognize competing interests

4. A teacher should …

be an example for the students

teach efficiently

be a capable negotiator

5. School success should be a matter of…

developing proper values

acquiring skills

learning to accomodate differences

6. Bad school behavior is essentially a matter of…

violating standards

impeding learning

ignoring other’s concerns

7. The key problem with the schools is…

failure to teach values.

ineffective instruction


8. A school curriculum should …

promote value development

pursue clear objectives

serve different communities of interest.

9. Teaching is most importantly…

helping to develop character

helping to develop skills

empowering students to participate in society

10. School procedures should…

set a tone

facilitate instruction

promote negotiation and reconcile differences





(A difference between any two columns of 9 points or more is significant.) The greater the differences between column sums, the less the cognitive dissonance you will likely experience in actual school practice. Column A lists "Temple" expectations; B, "Factory;" and C., "Town Meeting."