Case Studies: Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge
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edited 3/16/05

How would you characterize Sam's action in each of the following cases?

Using the following scale, evaluate each case in each column independently

1= definitely not; 2 = probably not; 3 = undecided; 4 = probably so; 5 = definitely so.





1. "Since you can't afford a loss and the market is very volatile, don't sell your Blue Chips!" said Sam to his client.


2. Not wanting to intrude although seeing Mary was upset, Sam waited until she brought up the topic to offer his support.


3. His hands in the air, Sam said to the masked gunman, "You won't get away with killing the teller, because I recognize who you are from your walk!"


4. Upon hearing the sudden sound, Sam said to his boss, "That's what happens when you eat too many hard-boiled eggs."


5. "Except for the great sex, I find you rather stupid and boring," said Sam to Jane.


6. With resonant intonation, Sam told his disciples, "Life is but a dream in the mind of the Great Pumpkin."


7. "Grandpa once got Aunt Mary pregnant," announced Sam at the family Thanksgiving dinner.


8. Furious that it wouldn't start, Sam kicked his car in the bumper and broke his toe.


9. Sam advised Ann to add oil every two weeks rather than have her engined overhauled or buy a new car on her already strained budget.


10."Let drug pushers beware," said superintendent Sam, "because we will conduct a thorough locker search in the high school every Friday."


Transfer corresponding data points from any two columns onto a 5x5 graph to see if any correlations occur.

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