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Case Studies: Violence, Imposition, Wrongdoing
edited 1/24/09

Using the following scale, evaluate each case in each column independently:

1= definitely not; 2 = probably not; 3 = undecided; 4 = probably so; 5 = definitely so.

How would you characterize Jack's action in each of the following cases?

CASE EXAMPLE violence imposition wrongdoing

1. Sparring at karate, Jack blocks Sam's kick to his stomach and delivers a hard punch to the side of Sam's headgear.


2. Sam takes little Billy's Walkman from him and runs away. Jack wrestles Sam to the ground, permitting Billy to recover his radio.


3. "Please watch my seat while I get a soda," says Jack to Sam seated nearby.


4. Jack, grabbing Sam by the throat, tells him to hand over his wallet.


5. Jack shoots Sam dead for not paying attention to him.


6. For the fourth month in a row, Jack fails to pay his share of the rent, forcing Sam, his roomate, to make up the difference.


7. Jack, having promised to pay for Sam's Walkman should he lose it, loses the radio and refuses to pay.


8. Jack hands Sam his book.


9. Jack, while boxing with Sam, knees him in the groin.


10.Jack "drops in " on Sam just as Sam is preparing dinner.


Transfer corresponding data points from any two columns onto a 5x5 graph to see if any correlations occur.

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