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Literacy Education: Foundational Elements

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edited 7/10/22

Ambiguity and Vagueness -- a functional perspective

Beyond the Textbook. -- Will politics save it from extinction?

Jerome Bruner's Educational Theories

Classification Error in Evaluation Practice -- misplaced kids means misapplied curriculum

The Classroom Teacher:Who Wants Experts? -- Might experts confuse children?

Competitive Curriculum Development -- you're not the only one with good ideas. Learn to advocate for yours!

Consensus: can professionals reach agreement?-- its nature, attainment and durability

Cultural Domination and the Teaching of ESOL -- How is the ESOL curriculum different from English Language Arts?

Curriculum as Reconciliation. A matrix of alternatives. -- Conflicts can be avoided if alternatives are clarified.

A Curriculum Manifold: relating multiple themes. -- a diagram for understanding curriculum alternatives.

Curriculum BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Development of Writing Centers: Variety and Diversity

Diversity BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Establishing Nationally Recognized Educational Standards -- who will control their selection?

Evaluating Cultural Practices for Inclusion -- practices, attitudes, and actions. How will they be received?

Evaluating Proposed Program Expansion. -- Is the subject worth studying? To what degree?

Evaluating Teacher Preparation Programs: What Not to Do

The Foundations of Curriculum-- Stakeholders, structures, aims and commodification.

Freire's Educational Theory

Increasing Teaching Efficiency -- Do we need better methods, better curriculum? What?

Jefferson and Kozol on Literacy -- contrasts and comparisons

The Indeterminacy of Consensus -- Why are there curriculum wars? Why do they persist?


Inductive Grammar Studies Materials -- using intuition & experiment

Kids Who Don't Want to Learn -- Is this really a problem? Whose, then, is it?

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice -- Kids know quite a bit about about language and how it can be misused.

Literacy, Publication & Complexity - the fractalization of the social interactions

Orientations to the Analysis and Development of Curriculum

Minimizing Politicization in Public Service Decision-Making -- taking ownership of your discipline's knowledge base

Needs Assessment. -- How to avoid confusing preferences with necessities.

New Student Orientation and Book Discussion Groups

On the Viability of a Curriculum Leadership Role -- Hierarchy may interfere with effective functioning.

Paraphrase & Transformation -- methods for avoiding plagiarism

Piaget's Educational Theories

Program Justification: an exercise in programmatic decision

Promoting Quality Assurance in Literacy Instruction

Psychological Concerns -- a catalog of materials

Reading and Language Instruction: science, ideology, or...? -- What are the controversies about?

Revisiting Mastery Curriculum -- dealing with ambiguities and critical issues.

Slogans in Education -- rhetorical distractors in curricular theory

Survey of Beliefs and Attitudes about Education. self-survey 

Teaching Disciplined Hypothesis-Formation -- a focus on testability.

Transition to Higher Education for Students with Learning Disabilities

Two Faces of American Public Education -- the technical and the political

Vygotsky's Theories of Education

What Works? -- Not even the best tools function well in every situation.