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Are There Experts in Education? Should There Be?

“Cat” is NOT a Cat. “Reform” is NOT a Reform.

Celebrate Diversity! How do we do that?

Celebrating Diversity or Preparing for the Mainstream?
... the celebration of diversity, should I side with her ...

Crazy Horse: Minority Achiever
...the limits and possibilities of multiculturalism

Deconsolidate the Schools.
If you really want change.

Diversity Central, DiversityCentral.com ,
... Beautifully illustrated diversity events worldwide including religious ...

DiversityWeb - A Resource Hub for Higher Education
compendium of resources on diversity in higher education.

Education and Neo-Multiculturalism
Attitudinal Diversity in Neo-Multicultural Theory …

Immigrants and the Melting Pot
Appreciation of immigrant diversity should also recognize that specific ... maintenance of ethnic diversity requires domination by ...

Limits and Possibilities of Multiculturalism
However appealing "multiculuralism" might be as a slogan, it has severe practical limits.

National Standards
bought by conceding diversity in the curriculum to a ... Standards and Cultural Diversity: Cautionary Tales of Comparative ... and Cultural Diversity,'" Educational Evaluation and

Philosophy and Racial Discourse
many discussions of diversity, the use-mention confusion abounds ... for discourse about diversity in general, and about race ... discourse is common. Diversity and Obscenity Promoting racial

Perspectives on Governance in Community Colleges Using Different Organizational ...
consequences of religious diversity as well as a growing ... need for increased diversity on their governing boards, within ... because of their diversity and overall mission, have been

Power in Schooling Practice
... pronouncements "celebrating diversity", a decidedly ethnocentric ...

Public School Reform: a Major Tactic in America’s “Hidden” Class War

Schooling versus Parenting On the Third Rock
…A curious value, diversity, since few Earthlings seriously consider tolerating cannibalism, pederasty, …

Should Public Schools Address Diversity?
the issue of diversity? Should Public Schools Address Diversity? Richard P. Weinstein RETURN 3 ... the issue of diversity? Where is one to begin ... the term diversity? The mere attempt

Singapore Solution, The
Paradoxically, kids from less 'humane' cultures often long for the relative safety of their homeland.

Tracking Controversy, The
racial, and economic diversity in the high school setting. ... appreciation for the diversity (of ability, of interests, of ... dealing with the diversity found in that society. Maximum ...

Tracking in Schools
Certainly, a substantial amount of diversity would have to be recognized. Social, artistic, as well ... curriculum that aims at satisfying diversity of all kinds, instead of the pseudo-