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updated 9/20/18

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Avoiding Medication Errors -- more math study won't help

Centralized Marketing Functions in Higher Education: An Examination of Two Models

Columbine Massacre: Fundamental Attribution Error and ...

 Competing Paradigms in Occupational Therapy Education

Critical Thinking Materials Catalog

Developing Criteria in a Pluralistic Context -- theory and worksheets 

Doing Violence to "Violence" -- intention, not merely behavior, is crucial.

Elements of Phronesis

Eleven Threats to Ecological Validity: a checklist

Employee Resistance to Organizational Change -- why expect passivity?

Ethical Argument, Practical Proposal -- a bibliograpy of articles making the connections.

Evaluating a Rationale for Intervention: worksheet

Fiscal Policy Effects on Grade Inflation

Forensic Nursing Proposal --arguments for the proposal

Generating Critical & Criterial Questions -- practical philosophical analysis

Hurt, Harm & Safety -- confusions that mislead

Interrogatories for Analysis, Problem Solving, etc. --consistency in questioning

Inquiry Blockers  -- Stultifying further questioning

Justice Through Testing -- can it feed back to correct inequity?

 Mechanisms for Policy Reversal -- rhetorical strategems

Medical Student Orientation Program

Moral Responsibility in the Education Industry -- Who has it? How much?

Model Cases for Conceptual Analysis -- method explained with examples and exercises

NCLEX-RN Support Program for Nursing Students

Positive Discrimination -- the UK's affirmative action?

Processes of Reflection to Enhance Clinical Reasoning Skills in Athletic Trainers

Productivity, Politics and Hypocrisy -- Politics, disguised, affect productivity in almost all organizations.

Program Justification, An Exercise

Promoting Change via the Concept of the 'Learning Organization'

Punishment and Cruelty: case analysis. These are interestingly independent.

Rationales for Intervention -- If you're going to butt in, know your reasons. Make them good.

Teaching Case Analysis to Achieve Philosophical Consensus -- Examples with instructions

Using Counterexamples -- an effective strategem

Using a Theory -- essential constraints on thinking

Values BIBLIOGRAPHY weblinks to articles and other sources

Varieties of Explanation &  Cause -- definitions, activity

Violence, Imposition, Wrongdoing: case analysis. They are distinct.

Wisdom, Knowledgeability case analysis activity