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 America 2000 and Consensus …family, and community values essential for strong schools." "renaissance of values"

Assessment …reflect on our "values". She transformed my life. …attitudes, recommending "values education" … what values we learned from her ...

Book Review: Philip Selznick's Leadership in Administration …he administers with values that comprehend those of the ... organizations with values repugnant to …democratic values.

Can Excellence in Education Be Achieved in a Democracy?

Center for Human Values - Princeton University Supports teaching, research and discussion of ethics and human values throughout the curriculum

Cheating Well

Citizens for Community Values To promote Judeo-Christian moral values and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values

CollegeValues.Org ...includes two major resources designed to encourage discussion, research, and educational strategies on character development in college: ...

Deconsolidation … to teach "values" in their classes. Parents and even presidents want "values" taught. The …

Education and Neo-Multiculturalism …legitimation of espoused values. The most reviled behavior is ...

Environmental Values … is concerned with the basis and justification of environmental policy.

Immigrants and the Melting Pot …non-European values and ...

In This Savage Land. Schooling and American Priorities

Increasing Teaching Efficiency …upon a consensus of values in order to be applicable. We can ... to some notion of values.

Institute for American Values The Institute for American Values, founded in 1987, is a private, nonpartisan organization devoted to contributing intellectually to the renewal of marriage ...

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice …and the symbolic values of the available linguistic alternatives ... focus on "beliefs, values, and attitudes, or

Leadership Development - Results focused Leadership thinking and practice from around the Globe. Learn how to use the 4E's of Envision, Enable, ...

Pluralism and Rationality: the limits of tolerance. Can values be freely chosen? Is multiculturalism feasible? How do values and action relate?

Preventing Cheating: transforming educational values ... magic, this transformation of values, if not of facts, by authoritative fiat...

Should Values be Taught in Public Schools? … If so, which?

Slogans in Education …youth are taught certain values. The visitor would correctly conclude that ... depend upon common values

Teaching Values? Or Training Parrots?

The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective …seminar on ethical values, delivered a report on pornography ... civic and communal values that learners

The Department of Medicine of University X: A Study of Organizational Culture and the cultures and values of the Department's stakeholders. Introduction In ... as "the core values that are …

The Foundations of Curriculum …tradition. Rules and values have been established and the selection ... support its particular values and …

The Policymaking Function of the Faculty Senate …and developing shared values through consensus.... defend academic values and academic freedom,

The Purposes of American Catholic Higher Education: Changes and Challenges  …spiritual, intellectual and human values

Trading Off "Sacred Values": public schools should not try to educate. American pluralism makes politically driven public schools unable to fairly pursue deeply held values.

Transforming Educational Values -- it makes cheating impossible

Values Conflict …fallacies of values education are the ... relationship between values taught and values acquired is relatively...

Values Education for Children and Young Adults - Living Values ... An experiential values education program for children, young adults, parents, and children affected by war.

What is Cheating? By Whose Rules?

What Is Values Education To Accomplish? An Inquiry . A PowerPoint Presentation.

What is Worth Knowing About Values? the teaching of values by distinguishing between different kinds of ... that schools teach values are naive or demagogic