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Preventing Cheating & Plagiarism Workshops

This three-hour workshop deals with Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism and Cheating, both traditional and high-tech (WWW) varieties. These workshops have proven to be of such interest to teachers that we have often had to offer duplicate sessions on following days.

These aren’t just “talk-’at-’em” workshops. We involve the teachers in a variety of activities, including an entertaining and instructive game. We also provide them with materials they can take back and use in their classrooms after we train them in their use.

Short Preview of Workshop Content

The PowerPoint Presentation Previews below give some idea as to the content of the workshops. After opening the Powerpoint presentation, click on the Full Screen button to achieve the best effect.

A Principal's Evaluation of the Workshops
A Superintendent's Perceptions

Comments from Participants

Responses from Participants
at Montgomery County Intermediate Unit,
Norristown, Pennsylvania,
December 10, 2001

To the question, “How valuable was this workshop for you?” the following summarizes the 21 returns: 20 excellent; 1, average; 0, poor.

When asked if they planned to use the information in their curriculum, participants responded in the following ways:

I will particularly use the strategies for teaching paraphrasing to my 9th and 12th grade students.

I will use this information in a teacher workshop on the Internet. I also plan to share the information with other teachers and librarians.

I plan to use the information from this workshop in assigning and correcting senior research papers.

It helped me to recognize the level of concern necessary as regards academic cheating.

I will use this information to write a plagiarism policy and to teach about plagiarism to students doing research.

I intend to present the books and information I obtained to my principal with recommendations on developing a formal plagiarism policy.

The next time I give a research project I will review plagiarism and give strategies for paraphrasing.

I plan to check school board policy on plagiarism. Does it exist?

I am on our school’s Academic Integrity Committee and plan to share these resources with other teachers.

I particularly like the list of cheat sites from which papers, etc. can be obtained.

I will share this with the upper grade teachers in my school and try to use the activities with the children.

I am an administrator and will show my staff how they can prevent plagiarism in the classroom.

I plan to use the information to rewrite policy guidelines.


Participant Comments on Workshops conducted
at Cheltenham H. S.
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
February 15, 2002

Well-organized. Excellent resources provided. Games are always good!

I didn’t know until this workshop how creative cheating has become.

I knew that this was a problem, but it was really enlightening to learn the extent to which students will go to achieve their goals.

I appreciated the high level of discourse that is frequently absent from such presentations.

Very good strategies on how to get low level students not to copy from a text.

Opened my eyes! It’s great as a parent to have this info and your wonderful booklets.

What I learned today will keep me on my toes.

I liked looking at how to come up with testing techniques to prevent cheating.

Good and informative presentation!

Lots of very useful ideas.

Resources at our fingertips. Quite interesting and useful.

Thank you for providing materials and advice that will help us with preventive measures.

I found the whole session to be really thought-provoking.

I really liked the presentation. The speakers were relaxed, well-informed and obviously experienced. They were patient and good-natured about our sometimes challenging questions.

Presentation was excellent. I have no suggestions for improvement.

The seminar was well-done.

Very informative. Good ideas. Useful tips.

The strength of this presentation was in the “real” classroom application of the material. I cannot think of an improvement except for additional time


These workshops have also been rated highly by participants at the Chester County and Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Intermediate Units. If you are intestested in finding our more about these workshops, or arranging them for your organization,
contact Gary K. Clabaugh at