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Act 48: One Organization's Interpretation
The district provided a needs assessment survey to all its staff seeking input about what ... would value. This needs assessment, the strategic plan, and the Pennsylvania academic

Are "Best Practices" Good Enough?
How might we go about assessing what is promoted as a best practice ...

… normally confuses status with ... heavily "scientific" …

Avoiding Medication Errors
the concept of on-going assessment of medication calculation skills, but additionally, the role of ... skills, and on-going assessment of calculation skills during school, was also

No More Brownie Points?
Strictly focussing on productivity: some possible reverberations.

Cheating Trends
… Variety in Assessment Using different types of assessment can also reduce the temptation ...

Conflict in Higher Education Faculty Evaluation
 Early evaluation was based on "informal assessment" by the chair or dean (Ory, 1991, p. 30). However, in the 1960s, students initiated faculty evaluations …

Critical Assessment and Values in Education. A course to develop educational judgment

David Perkins, The Educational Theory of
 Authentic assessment requires the learner to pull ... teacher s assessment of the students ... practice, self-assessment and informative feedback

Digital Formats for Marketing the 21st Century Designer
a process of assessment and evaluation and as a ... vehicles of reflection, assessment, evaluation, and means of communication ... portfolios for program assessment and career planning, as

Dissecting School Benefits
weight an administrative evaluation in favor of one or ... figure in their evaluation anyway? It might seem that ... relevant to administrative evaluation?...

Dreams, Luck and Too Many Cooks: American Higher Education

Evaluating Program Expansion. Is it worth studying?
What questions ought we raise to examine advantages and disadvantages? Here is an interrogatory that invokes criteria to evaluate such a proposal.

Evaluating Theories
... dimensions for the evaluation of theory are reviewed. ...

Federal and State Education Resources
... development opportunities; strengthen assessment, parent involvement, school safety, special ...

Illogic and Dissimulation in School Reform
The School "Improvement" Flea Market: buyer beware!

Increasing Teaching Efficiency
sketch a brief assessment procedure for method X. A ... for good methodological assessment is more good political sense ...

Isomorphism : linking theory to program
The applicability of a theory is explained by examining its isomorphism with a model of the phenomena it purports to explain

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Measurability & Educational Concerns
... bear on problems of evaluation. By a measurement procedure ... bear on those evaluation procedures in which measurement plays ...

Mistyping People: placement test error and worse

National Standards
... Do you remember Needs Assessment? Has Site-Based Management or Quality Circles transformed the world? Who wanted these innovations? Apparently, ...

Needs Assessment
... an increasingly popular tool ... problems abound. NEEDS ASSESSMENT: A Fraud? 2004 Edward G ... Czajkowski characterized needs assessment as an increasingly popular

No Child Left Behind. An analysis of the controversy.

Philip Selznick's Leadership in Administration. Book Review
pressures... It entails a self-assessment to discover the true commitments of the organization, ... Each entails a self-assessment, an appreciation of internal pressures and external

Political Incompetence Influences Educational Policy and Practice.
Respected educator resigns rather than just go along.

Poor Teaching. What Is It Exactly?
Does it mean ineffective academics? Or bad public relations?

Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation
This on-line journal provides education professionals access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, ...

Productive Schools? Who Will Judge?
Which markets will be supplied? Who decides this?

Proposal For an Adjunct Faculty Development Program at a Community College
... Needs Assessment ... The Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems indicated ... evaluations, peer review and self-assessment by the faculty may also be used to ...

Psychologists in the Classroom
… lack of English ability results in assessment of mental deficiency. Or where cultural difference is diagnosed as inadequate parenting behavior. In an increasingly…

The Secret of a Successful Charter School? No Secret!

Slogans and Consensus: Accountability
teacher training and evaluation. Thus, teachers, administrators and Boards ... purpose of the Evaluation and Professional Development System ... and continuous evaluation. Within each of

The Social Promotion Scarecrow: Feeding the Convenience of the Machine.

Teacher Evaluation: Educational Process for Pedagogical Improvement ... the current teacher evaluation practices that are employed throughout ... of teacher evaluation? A case study

The Teacher Tenure Bogeyman

Theory Evaluation
Protocol for evaluating a theory

Time on Task Evaluation
... objective of the evaluation is to determine time spent ... highly subjective ...

Training Program for the Account Executive Position
Client Service Manager to perform 6 month performance assessment. Assessment is based on fulfillment of Client Service Initiatives and other reporting processes, such as use of

Trait vs. Behavior (A PowerPoint Presentation)
 'Learning' ambiguously refers to two kinds of process ...

Types of Heuristics
Gigerenzer's quickies compared to standard procedures

U. S. Students "lag" in TIMSS.
Does it matter all that much?

What We Don't Assess
is seldom subject to formal assessment. Nevertheless, it "teaches" some of the most lasting ... in school completely escape assessment. If, for example, American schools match English…