Theory Evaluation Outline

© 1998 Edward G. Rozycki, Ed.D.
edited 4/2/12

Your (group) presentation (paper) should cover the following:

1. Outline of the theory.

a. Narrative - Give a brief informal exposition of the theory. What are the governing metaphors?

b. Identify and define the variables specified in the theory and indicate the relationships among them.

2. Identify some major proponents of the theory.

3. Describe a typical experiment.

4. Give information about reported applications.

5. Evaluate the theory for its practical utility using the scheme given below.

Evaluating the Practical Utility of a Theory

1. What is its cogency? Does it promise prediction and/or control? Is it global or regional?

2. Phenomenological Fit

a. Semantic Congruence (nominal to synonymous) Does it use special definitions or concepts familiar to most (educated) speakers?

b. Degree of homomorphism (metaphorical to isomorphic) Does it "paint with a broad brush" or is it accurately detailed?

3. Productivity: Does it promote insight and/or prediction?

4. Operationalizability: Is it easy to see its application and to identify its variables? Is it parasitical (operationally dependent on other theories)?

See also, Operationalization

5. Range of Application

a. special assumptions, restrictions?

b. ethical status

c. practical for your situation? (institutional restrictions, resources?)