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2006 NewFoundations
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Affirmative Action Reconsidered: Was it necessary in academia?
E-text of a 1975 monograph by Thomas Sowell that examines the claims and counterclaims surrounding affirmative action as it has been implemented in ...

Affirmative Action Resources
Founded in 1974, the American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA) ... Are you bent out of shape trying to get your affirmative action plan together? ...

Affirmative Action.
Matloff's Los Angeles Times op-ed piece on Affirmative Action admissions policy in ... Another Web link, to a site on affirmative action from a conservative ...

Affirmative Action
This policy discusses ... affirmative action at Carnegie Mellon University. - Affirmative Action (Pros & Cons, Arguments ...
Free fair and balanced discussion of controversial social and policital issues (pros and cons)

Fair Share or Fair Play
... The affirmative action debate, for example, essentially involves choosing between fair share and fair play priorities. It would be

NPR : Split Ruling on Affirmative Action
US Supreme Court justices rule in favor of a University of Michigan Law School policy that considers race in admitting new students -- but rules against a ...

Positive Discrimination
Affirmative action is unjust essentially because it ... that is what "affirmative action" is called in the United ... day criticisms of affirmative action -- namely that, even given the

Public School Reform: Mired in Metaphor
result from which model one adopts: equal product supports Affirmative Action policies; equal process, Head Start programs. Since equity is a metaphor invoked with respect to groups

Sexual Harassment Revisited
... threatening adverse work action if sexual favors are not ... attention of the Affirmative Action Officer.

The Development of Writing Centers: Variety and Diversity
Civil Rights movement that created affirmative action and open admissions, and the literacy crisis of ... as a result of affirmative action and the growing discontent of those segments Ten Myths About Affirmative Action
describing several key misunderstandings of affirmative action.

URI's Office of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Resource for affirmative action, equal opportunity policies and diversity.