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Edward G. Rozycki
1707 Foulkeways W-7
Gwynedd, PA 19436 U.S.A.
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U.of Pa. 1964 B.A. Philosophy.

U.of San Diego. 1969: Spanish, Cultural Studies.

Temple U., Phila., PA. Philosophy of Education Ed.D. 1974, Ed.M. 1971.

Penna. Teaching Certificate: German, Jan 1972

U.of Pa.Merit Scholar '83-'84, Dept. of Ed. Leadership

U. of Pa. 1982 - 1986. Studies in Educational Leadership, (36 s.h.)

Foreign Language Supervisory Certificate, State of Pa., January 1985

Secondary Principal's Certificate, State of Pa., July 1985.

Mathematics Teaching Certificate, State of Pa., July 1985.



Technical: Webmaster, Creator and Programmer for the following websites or weblogs (discontinued April 2012) (discontinued 9/1/09)
Weblog: Blogsite

Corporate: project proposal evaluator for Project Management Institute, Newtown Square, PA Summer-Fall 2002. Authored Approaches & Procedures: developing paths from other educational domains to project management knowledge.

College - University:

Assoc. Professor, Widener University Sept 1998 to Sept 2009 (ret.).
Asst. Professor, Center for Education, Widener University Sept 1992 to May 1998.

Widener Courses Taught 1992 - 2009: ASC400 values seminars in immigration and diversity; ED504 social foundations of education; ED507 instructional psychology; ED508 history & philosophy of education; ED513, classroom management and school discipline; ED551, education of special populations; ED599, student teaching; ED631 writing for academic purposes; ED708: history of higher education; ED709 curriculum in higher education; ED718 values & ethics in education; ED721: organization and administration in higher education; ED755, philosophical inquiry in higher education; ED820 policy development in education; ED901, ED902 dissertation seminar.

Widener Committees and Offices: International Student Affairs, 92-93; University Lectures & Presentations
92-93; Center for Education Academic Affairs, 92-present, Co-chair 94-96; Graduate Admissions,
96 - present, secretary, 97-98; Intern Teaching, 93-94; Faculty Evaluation 97-98; SHSP
AcademicAffairs, 96- 98. Coordinator of Doctoral Programs, 1998 to 2008. Center for
Education Promotion & Tenure, 2001, 2002, 2003 SHSP Promotion & Tenure, 2001, 2002.
Search Committee Chairs 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Adjunct Professor of Education, La Salle U 1989-2009

Assoc. Prof. Phil. of Ed. U. of Del. Newark (part-time)1989-90: philosophy of education

Software Design, Beaver College Fall 1987

Integrated Software, LaSalle U., 85, '86

Management Workshop, Wharton School, U.of P., May 1984

American Language Academy, ESOL, Beaver College 1983.

Temple U. Adj.Prof. 1977 to 1983: Comp. Ed, Soc. & Phil Fnds.

Antioch Grad. Sch. of Ed. Spr.'74: Culture in Education.

Phila. Col. Art, Ac. Performing Arts: German, '68-'72

Professional and Adult Education:

Teacher Workshop Leader, Sch. Dist. Phila., Jan., Feb. 85

Beachcomber Swim Club, Summers '77,'78 Guitar.

Secondary and Elementary:

Senior Career Teacher, School Dist of Phila 9/1/91 to 7/92: ESOL

Teacher, ESOL, Cooke Middle School, Phila. PA 9/1/87 to 7/92

Headmaster, The Swarthmore Academy, 1986 - 1987.

Calculus and Trigonometry, The Swarthmore Academy 1986-1987

Jones JHS, 3/72 to 7/86, ESOL; BASIC programming, Spr.'81

Washington H.S.: German, '65-'71

Wagner JHS, Leeds JHS, Bok THS: Substitute Teacher of Mathematics '64-'65

Houston Elem School, Fall 64, Math sub, Language Arts.

College Settlement Farm Camps, Counselor, Summers '61,'62,'63.

Book Reviews:

Book Review: Violence on Campus: defining the problems, strategies for action. A.M. Hoffman, J.H. Schuh & R.H. Fenske (eds.). Choice. December 1998. Vol.36, No. 4.

Book Review: The modern university and its discontents; thefate of Newman's legacies in Britain and America. By Sheldon Rothblatt. Choice. December 1997 Vol. 35, No. 4.

Book Review: The rise of the American research universities; elites and challengers in the postwar era By Hugh Davis Graham. Choice. November 1997 Vol. 35, No. 3.

Book Review: Presidential Leadership: making a difference. By James L. Fisher and James V. Koch. Choice. January 1997 Vol. 34, No. S.

Book Review: The university in ruins. By Bill Readings. Choice. January 1997 Vol. 34, No. 5.

Book Review: From vision to practice: the art of educational leadership By Richard C. Wallace. Choice. July/August 1996 Vol. 33, No. I 1/ 12.


Temple U. 1974, Ed.D. Dissertation, Human Behavior: Measurement and Cause (short abstract) (long abstract)

Temple U. 1971, Ed.M. Thesis :"How We Come to Know What Things Are" (See The Philosophical Foundations of Human Cognition rewritten from thesis.


SPECIAL  ESSAYS & RESEARCH PORTALS (2000 - present) See NewFoundations Bloglocus entries


Co-founder, NewFoundations, a publishing and consulting firm. See About Us.

Coordinator of Doctoral Programs, Center for Education, Widener University, 1999 to 2009

Contributing editor, educational Horizons, 2006 to 2010

Executive Committee & Conference Site Chair, Pi Lambda Theta, Philadelphia Area Chapter, to 2005 - 2006

President, Pi Lambda Theta, Philadelphia Area Chapter, 1993-1994.

Guest Editor, Spring 1994 ediition of educational Horizons.

President, Middle Atlantic States Philosophy of Education Society 1991-1993.

Vice-President, Pi Lamda Theta, Philadelphia Area Chapter, 1992-1993.

Organizer, ESOL staff development for School Dist. of Phila., Spr '85

Chair, ESOL program, for Southeast Asian Conference, March 1985

ESOL Curriculum reviewer for School Dist. of Phila., Summer 1984

President,'84 -'85, PennTESOL-East.

ESOL Committee Chairman, PFT, 9/83 to 1/86

1st Vice-President, '83-'84, PennTESOL-East

Spring '84 Conference Chairman, PennTESOL-East

Treasurer, J.P. Jones JHS, '82 - '86.

Secretary, '81-82, Penn-TESOL East

Newsletter Editor, MASPES, '78-'81

Newsletter Editor, Executive Committee, PATESOL, 80'-'81

Cub Scout Master, 1980.

Fellow, Philosophy of Education Society, since 1976.

Pres. and Treasurer, 1976, Germantown Children's Community. A day-care cooperative nursery school.

Board Member, 1965, Consumer Services Cooperative, Inc.

Various Elected Offices, Philomathean Soc., UP,'61-'64.



Wrote -- with G. Clabaugh -- NCATE standards for Foundations of Education submitted by the Council of Learned Societies in Education. Fall 1995.

Presidential Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to the journal, educational Horizons , by Biennial Council of Pi Lambda Theta, International Honor Society in Education. August 3, 1995.

Computerized financial and administrative data bases, Swarthmore Academy, 1986-1987

Computerized bookkeeping at Jones JHS, 9/84.

Wrote the programs for computerizing student files at Jones JHS, 6/84

Evanescing fluency in Spanish and German

Co-Founder PennTESOL-East 1982

Introduced CAI Jones JHS ESOL program, 1976.

Wrote psychological and demographic computer simulations, 1976.


Dr. Bertand Bandman. Dept of Philosophy, Long Island University Brooklyn,
Brooklyn NY 11201 (718) 488-1011

Dr. Gary K. Clabaugh, Director of Graduate Education, LaSalle University( Ret.) (email)

Dr. Joseph L. DeVitis, SEHD / CIS, Binghamton Univ.
Binghamton NY 13901 (607) 777 - 6723

Dr. Douglas J. Simpson, Dean, School of Education, Texas Christian U
PO Box 32925, Fort Worth TX 76129

Dr. Shelley B. Wepner, Dean, School of Education, Manhattanville College (email) Purchase, NY 19013