edited 3/31/12

PRESENTATIONS & CONSULTANCIES: (note hyperlinks to obtain copies of text)

2003: "Educative Violence" South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society (East Carolina U., Greenville, N.C.)

2002: Pi Lambda Theta, "No Child Left Behind: blaming the bus driver." Presentation at Initiation Dinner
for New Inductees, La Salle University, Phila. PA, 10/10/02

"Is John Edward a Fraud? Messaging the Message of the Medium." Presented to the South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, Oct 5th, at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC.

Workshops on Plagiarism. Brandywine Center for Arts & Technology, Coatesville, PA, 3/18/02

Workshops on Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism. Cheltenham HS, Glenside, PA, 2/15/02

2001: Workshops on Academic Dishonesty. Montgomery County IU, 12/10/00

2000: Workshops on Preventing Plagiarism. Delaware County IU, 11/7/00

"Racial Discourse and Truth" South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, Petersburg VA 10/7/00

"Is school reform damaging public education?" Pi Lambda Theta Northeast Regional Conference,
Groton CT, 7/28/00

"Plagiarism and the Web" Manhattanville College, 4/3/00

1999: "Plagiarism and the Web" Philadelphia University, 10/22/99

1998: "Reason and Authority in Education," South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, Raleigh
NC 9/26/98

1997: "Increasing Teaching Efficiency" Paper to the South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, Raleigh, NC, September 27, 1997.

1996: "Evaluating Philosophical Differences." Presentation to the staff of the Center for Education, Widener University, Dec. 20, 1996.

"Teaching Disciplined Hypothesis Formulation" Co-presentation with S. Kaufman. American Evaluation Association, Nov. 8., 1996 Atlanta, GA.

"Neo-Multiculturalism and Education" Paper delivered as part of panel presentation, "The Problematics of Multiculturalism." South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, Oct 7, 1996 VPI, Blacksburg VA.

"Fear in the Classroom" Panel presenter at La Salle U, Phila. March 13. Pi Lamba Theta conference.

"Do Teachers' Unions Hurt Education?" Interview. WDEL. Wilmington. March 4.

" Will Uniforms Reduce Violence in Schools?" Interview. WDEL. Wilmington. Feb 28.

1995: "Teaching program theory in a school leadership doctoral program" Panel presenter with A. D'Onofrio. American Evaluation Association, Vancouver, BC. Nov. 4.

"Mission v. Function: organizational limits to educational aspiration" MASPES, 10/21, W. Chester U., PA

"Consensual Approaches to Philosophical Analysis" South Atlantic PES Oct 7, USC-Spartanburg, SC.

1994: "Mission vs. Function" William Patterson College of New Jersey, May 2nd.
"Power and Schooling Practice: the educational dilemmas" South Atlantic PES, UNC, Greenville, NC. 10/7
1993: "Power and Schooling Practice: the educational dilemmas" MASPES Rutgers U. New Brunswick, NJ
"Is Moral Leadership Possible?" PES New Orleans March 1993

1992: "American 2000 and the Consensus for Reform" AESA 1992 Pittsburgh PA Nov 1993

"Is Moral Leadership Possible?" MASPES Oct. 92
1991: "School Violence, Punishment and Justice" MASPES, Nov '91
"Analysis for Consensus" MASPES, May 91
1990: "Teaching Philosophy of Education: the inherent tensions" Midwest PES, October 90
"Toward a Typology of Schooling Benefits" AESA, October 90

"Control in Organizations" Wharton School, U. of P. October 90

1989: "Writing and Publishing the Introductory Foundations Text" PESA, October 89
"Writing for Critical Thinking: the message of the medium" AESA, October 89

"Authorship as a Social Enterprise" MASPES, Nov 89.

American Culture through Cartoons, Sch. Dist of Phila. Workshops August 89.


1988: "Images of the School and Images of Policy" PESA, May 1988

"The Analysis of Policy" MASPES, April 88
1985: "The Politics of Curriculum", USIA African Educators
"Goals of 2nd Language Instruction", Sch.Dist.Phila. Institute,

"Writing across the Curriculum." PATHS staff trainer

"Multiculturalism and Writing." PATHS project consultant.

"Grammar through Experiment." Asian-American Conf., Phila.

"Teaching Grammar without Grammar." PFT conference

1984: "The Minds of Chairs and Children." MASPES Rutgers

Rationality in Organizations. Wharton Management and Behavioral Science Center.

1983: "Violence, Punishment and the School." AESA Milwaukee.

1982: Inductive approaches to Grammar. Penn-TESOL East.

1981: Acculturation to Formal Reasoning. ATMOPAV West Chester State College.

English and Computer Grammars. PTE U.of P.
"From Test to Treatment".MASPES, Albany
1980: Reasoning skills. Glenside Elem. Sch., 5th gr.workshop.
"Developing Reasoning Skills." , Beaver College.
1979: "Skinner's Concept of Person in Keller's System of Personalized Instruction." Center for Personalized Instruction, Georgetown U.
"Anglo-Hispanic Cognitive Differences." Widener School, Phila.PA

Cultural Pluralism. PES Toronto

1978: Rationality and Cultural Difference. MASPES, Rutgers U. Punishment. PES. Indianapolis. 1976: Identifying Minority Giftedness. Sch. Dist. Phila.
Rational classroom control. U.of Wisc. Madison

"The Limits of Tolerance" MASPES , Hofstra U.

1975: The Puerto Rican pupil. Jones JHS staff dev. leader

1974: Measurement and Behavior. U.of Chicago

Conflict and Cultural Difference. Jones JHS staff dev.