Adapted from John P.Kotter and Leonard A. Schlesinger
"Choosing Strategies for Change" Harvard Business Review March-April 1979.)

Assessing the Likelihood of Implementing Change
©1999 Edward G. Rozycki

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edited 3/31/12


Steps to Follow:

1. With respect to the proposed plan, estimate on line A the percentages of staff who fit into each category.

2. In order to succeed, what to the percentages have to look like? Enter these on line B.

3. Which of the indicated ways of overcoming resistance to change can be used on each group?

4. How do you propose to get line A to look like line B? (Or, if you are opposed to the proposed change, how do you propose to keep line A from getting like B?)


Line A

Line B

Ways to Overcome Resistance

Education & Communication

Participation & Involvement

Counseling & Support


Manipulation & Cooptation