Publications of Gary K. Clabaugh
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edited 9/2/11


Psychology/ Measurement

Clabaugh's Index of Leading Educational Indicators educational Horizons Fall 1997

The Demon Seed: are some children wicked? educational Horizons, Winter 1999

Oppositional Disorder" educational Horizons, Spring 1996

Perspectives on Childhood educational Horizons, Fall 1991

What We Don't Assess educational Horizons, Fall 1993

Who is Responsible? educational Horizons, Summer 1995

Critical Thinking/Philosophy

Education and Schooling educational Horizons Summer 1991

Fair Share vs. Fair Play: Two Competing Conceptions of Justice Educational Horizons, Spring 1999

Teaching That, Teaching How To, Teaching To Or The Firing Of Joycelyn Elders. Educational Horizons, Winter 1996,

Diversity/ Values

"Celebrating Diversity or Preparing for the Mainstream?" -Considering Another Choice educational Horizons, Spring 1998

Crazy Horse: minority achiever educational Horizons, Winter 1993

How Multicultural an Educator Do You Want to Be? educational Horizons, Winter 2000

The Limits and Possibilities of "Multiculturalism" educational Horizons, Spring 1993

Positive Discrimination educational Horizons, Spring 1995

Schooling and "Woman's" Thought educational Horizons, Winter 1995

You Want What? Public Education and the Tragedy of the Commons educational Horizons, Fall 1998

What Is Worth Knowing About Values?educational Horizons, Fall 1994

Educational Leadership/ Policy Studies

Late Night Thoughts on the Death of Christa McAuliffe educational Horizons, Summer 1993

Private Business and Public Schooling educational Horizons, Fall 1996

Thunder on the Right: The Protestant Fundamentalists, Chicago, Illinois: Nelson-Hall, 1974

General Education/ Reform

"Adam Smith Goes to School"

"Body Counts and Standards-Based Reform" educational Horizons Spring 1997

Deregulating Schooling: What Can Go Wrong?  educational Horizons, Winter 1992

"Choice" In Schooling. educational Horizons, Fall 1992

"Hey, Buddy. You Wanna Be a Teacher?" educational Horizons Fall 1999

Integrating the Curriculum educational Horizons Summer 1995

Public Schools: our face in the mirror educational Horizons, Summer 1997

School Reform Through Natural Selection?educational Horizons, Winter 1998

School to Work: Razing Miss America's Platform educational Horizons, Fall 1995

Teach for America educational Horizons, Spring 1992

Textbooks and True Believers educational Horizons, Summer 1992

Toward Better Schools

Violence, Punishment and Discipline

Reflections on School Disorder Educational Horizons, Winter 1994

School Bullies Educational Horizons, Summer 1998

Sexual Harassment Revisited educational Horizons, Summer 1994

The Singapore Solution. Educational Horizons, Spring 1994