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About Us

"... it is crucial for theoretical and practical purposes alike
that we come to terms with the idea of an intellectual and social order
that can function effectively even in the presence of dissensus."

-- Nicholas Rescher, (1993) PLURALISM, 4.

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Professionals trained for, and content with, merely executing the will of others just as easily serve a tyranny as a democracy.

Professionals in many fields find themselves losing voice in decisions that are most reasonably theirs to contribute to. Novices in their professions are taught to give lip service to a variety of organizational nostrums, but anything other than a shallow acquaintance with the how, the what and -- especially -- the why of reflective practice is often de-emphasized.

A self-governing future requires reflective practitioners who command a critical understanding of their professional thought and practice; ones who are ready and able to play a meaningful role in decision-making. NewFoundations provides resources and a forum for realizing this purpose. (For more development of this theme see Pluralism and Criteria: Minimizing Politicization in Public Service Decision-Making )


To support critical, reflective practice in a variety of different occupations and professions, while generating funds needed to maintain the enterprise at a rather Spartan level of consumption, NewFoundations typically:

1. in reciprocal exchange, places service advertising from external sources without cost on the website.

2. charges minimal fees for relevant external commercial advertising placement (See "An invitation to become involved with NewFoundations.")

3. solicits authors for commercial publication with substantially higher than normal participation in profit sharing.

4. Produces low-cost or complimentary educational and informational materials for use in higher education and industry. See, for example, an online journal, New Educational Foundations, Vol. 1.

5. Maintains a library of contributed critical materials in a variety of fields for public, non-commercial use. See Index Page Palette links, Interest Area Catalogs, Archives or consult Site Search. All profits earned by NewFoundations are used to defray the costs of maintaining and enhancing our free, public digital library.

We hope you find our endeavors to be of use in dealing with your concerns. -- Gary K Clabaugh & Edward G Rozycki