An Invitation to Become Involved with NewFoundations

edited 1/30/19

The NewFoundations Website is highly ranked by Google, Yahoo, Altavista and MSN, and visited monthly by thousands of professionals and interested persons from around the world.

In order to keep the NewFoundations Website professionally useful and up-to-date, we of the NewFoundations group invite your participation for our mutual benefit, with no cost to you.

Consider either or both of the following ways of participation.

A. Submit a paper for publication on the NewFoundations website. If accepted and published, and you will share copyright to allow your further independent use. (Several of the papers on the NewFoundations have, with their authors' permission, been utilized by other publications and organizations.) Many academic institutions will accept such publication for tenure and promotion purposes. For further details go here.

B. Apply to join our group of consultants. In exchange for the exposure we will provide your services via the website, a small percentage of the fees you make via our services will be charged to you. If this option appeals to you, go here.


Gary K. Clabaugh, Ed. D.

Edward G. Rozycki, Ed. D.