Five Essays:
Causation in Teaching & Learning

2000 NewFoundations


edited 9/22/18

Causal Fallacies in Teaching and Learning

Ambiguities in the concepts of teaching and learning support various fallacies in reasoning with the concepts.

Models of Learning

Learning as process vs. product is discussed. Basic assumptions about learning are articulated. Character formation, gain in understanding and skills acquisition are models of learning the preference for which depends on cultural and other contexts.

Models of Teaching

Basic assumptions about teaching are articulated and examined. Models of teaching from a variety of traditions are identified: telling, initiating,training and nurturing.

Can Morality Be Taught?

Is virtue acquired by teaching or by practice, or if neither by teaching nor practice, then does it come to man by nature, or in some other way? Ascriptive and summative learnings are distinguished and contrasted.

Teaching, Learning Models and School Image

The image of the school that one entertains, Temple, Factory or Public Arena, determines the causal relationships believed to hold between teaching and learning. In most public discussion, these models are unknowingly, indescriminantly mixed together. The consequence of this mixing is persistent confusion and controversy about the goals and processes of schooling.

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