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Adler, Morton synopsis
…philosophical knowledge is not contingent. …

Causal Fallacies in Teaching and Learning
... where to get knowledge about learning and teaching....

Civic Literacy: a survey -- How well do you do?

Conditions of knowledge
Series essays on conditions of knowledge and epistemic fundamentals.

Confirmation Theory: radical empiricist version
Theory: Basic Principle: All our knowledge consists of sense data acquired by observation and ... of the mind Knowledge consists of data statements and theoretical statements ...

The Conjunctive Fallacy: a fallacy itself?
-- Is representativeness irrational?

Controlling the School: Institutionalization
Knowledge and Charisma ... authority derives from knowledge of causes ...

Evaluating Program Expansion. Is it worth studying?
What questions ought we raise to examine advantages and disadvantages? Here is an interrogatory that invokes criteria to evaluate such a proposal.

Entailments, Beliefs and Brain-States
... the conception of knowledge as justified, true belief… Gettier's Job Seekers ...

Foundations of Curriculum, The
The Structure of Knowledge Curricular Structure Logical Structure ... Knowledge as a Commodity Commodification ...

Grades: an Illusion of Value?

Granola-Bar “Knowledge”: a healthy diet?

Isomorphisms: parallel structures of thought.
The Skeletons of Metaphor. How can we recognize them?

Kant ,Immanuel, Educational Theory of
What knowledge and skills are worthwhile learning?... be satisfied illusory knowledge of pseudo-science ... It should

Knowing What You Don’t Know. Is It Possible?

Knowledge, Freedom, Wisdom: Are These the Point of Schooling?

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice
... how the individuals ... construct knowledge through their use of language as a cognitive, communicative tool (Vygotsky, 1978, 1986).

The Liberal Arts: House of Intellect or of Questionable-Repute?

MIA Philosophy Resource
120 Western philosophers from 1600 to 2000, on the origins and validity of knowledge.

Phillip Schlechty on Education
basis for all knowledge according to this theory is ... students learn from knowledge work. Knowledge work involves transforming information into ... to apply knowledge and ideas in

Reason and Authority in Education
... what knowledge mentastudium offers? ... already have the knowledge mentastudium comprises? If they ...

Recognition and knowing
 know a and know e ... Condition Enabling a Knowledge Claim …A justification for knowledge claims Conflicts of Recognition

Scepticism - Introduction
These attempts have given birth to various theories of what knowledge is, how it can be guaranteed ...

Socrates' Educational Theory
... different kinds of knowledge, important and trivial. …

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Episteme and Techne
… distinction between knowledge and craft, or art in ancient philosophy; by Richard Parry.

Teacher as Technician
... Knowledge of the technical production process ... competitive environment Managerial knowledge of input and output prices ... school environment? Knowledge of the Technical

Thinking Like Computers Do
... Is the threat that computers ... possible to distinguish knowledge from the social matrices in ... to such knowledge?...

Types of Heuristics
Gigerenzer's quickies compared to standard procedures

What is Worth Knowing?
… or should the higher knowledge, be the aim of our training ... how shared technical knowledge constrains generalization.

Whitehead, Alfred North, The Educational Theory of
What knowledge and skills are worthwhile learning ... actively utilizing the knowledge and skills that were taught ... culture and expert knowledge in some special direction