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 Achieving the Lake Woebegone Vision
Making every child above average.

Afterschool Achievement Club
An afterschool tutoring and care program in Jackson Heights, New York City.

America 2000 and Consensus
Family pathology affects school achievement. How will we address pathological ...

confusing status with achievement. Elementary School in a heavily industrified section ... ../EGR/Assess.html

Beyond the Textbook?
Parents, school boards, and taxpayers understand textbooks ...

Causal Fallacies in Teaching and Learning
the image of the school invoked. Teachers face at least two problems ... all measures of student achievement. Can this knowledge be put to ... size of the school budget to take advantage of

Celebrating Diversity vs. Preparing for the Mainstream
as defined by school policies, legal precedents, and government ... handicap, potential, and achievement. The use of these distinctions ... public. Do school activities of "celebration"

Charter Schools: Reform or Repackaging?
promises of charter school alternatives are examined and tied ... ethical concerns. Charter Schools:Reform or Repackaging? 2001 Patrick ... 02 The charter school movement of the last

Choice in Schooling
School choice has hidden threats and panders to ... Fall 1992 "Choice" in Schooling 1999 Gary K. Clabaugh RETURN edited 3 ... advocated "choice" in schooling. Left unsaid is what this "

Controlling the School: Institutionalization
shift from the school's productive to formal functions ... 9, "Controlling the School: Institutionalization" in Gary K. Clabaugh ... Rozycki Understanding Schools: the Foundations of

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse: Minority Achiever 2000 Gary K. Clabaugh RETURN ... tutor for the School District of Philadelphia recently told ... an American "minority achiever." Our Haitian-American chose

Critical Assessement And Values In Education
somewhat less appreciated by school people is that of the many ... in that very school - this, perhaps, explains the technical ... of course, the school and other related institutions. We

Deregulating Schooling
capitalism itself. Deregulating Schooling: What Can Go Wrong? 2000 ... concerning teaching and schools. These "reformers" claim that ... will encourage school improvement. Deregulating teaching

Dissecting School Benefits
their impacts on schooling practices is discussed Dissecting School Benefits: a typology of conflicting ... and secondary schools -- a figure greater ... D.C) School reformers point to

Educational Policy Reform: wishes or delusions?

Educational Theory of Theodore Sizer
at the core of school work. They should pervade all subjects offered ... reviewably part of the school program (A: p.106). The goal ... are taught in schools, makes a difference to what

Ethical Miseducation
the needs of the school at large. Even deeper are the ... be based on achievement or should effort be factored ... tenor of the school. If the school environment was generally calm and

Fat-Free Foods and Schooling Options
Enthusiasm for school reform and subsequent hyperbole sustain ... expectations about what schools can accomplish. Originally published in ... Foods and Schooling Options The Pathologies

How School Reform Maintains the Status Quo

Identifying the 'At Risk' Student
of risks associated with schooling This essay is has been expanded ... getting a high school diploma rather than a college ... getting a high school diploma. Need this preclude their

Illogic and Dissimulation in School Reform
The School "Improvement" Flea Market: buyer beware!

Increasing Teaching Efficiency
... example, that student achievement, correlated with, say, teacher- ... with student achievement.

Is Virtue a Learning Outcome?
a summative description of achievement. For example a student may receive a ... rather than an achievement, even though it may be ... environment of the school. Figure TA 18.1 schematizes

Mission, Vision and Delusion in Schooling
inquiry into their achievability. An earlier version of this ... Vision & Delusion in Schooling 2004 Edward G. Rozycki, Ed ... inquiry into their achievability, and that have provoked

National Standards
than 15,000 school boards liberally interpreting -- seldom with ... liberal interpretation -- the school codes of fifty states, it ... national system of school vouchers, with few strings

No Child Left Behind: an analysis of the controversy
Achievability of Goals, Availability of Resources ...

Opting Out of Public School
Why public school teachers send their own children to private ... Out of Public School: Eluding the Bureaucracy 1999 Edward ... Disassembling the common school means, in effect, giving up

Phillip Schlechty on Education
success of the business (school). What knowledge and skills are worthwhile ... do knowledge work. Schools, like businesses, must work to ... The business of schools is to ensure that its

Philosophy and Education: what's the connection
G. Rozycki Understanding Schools: the foundations of education (New ... Catholic and public schooling practices. Still others talk about ... of the schools. Almost every major philosopher

Productivity, Politics and Hypocrisy in American Public Education: school organization as instrument and expression
Political concerns undermine productivity; and, vice-versa.

Preventing Cheating: transforming educational values
common practice in our schools, in our corporations, in our hospitals; in ... with.[1] A school district renames an arithmetic review ... reports that some schools have a new approach to

Private Business and Public Schooling
graduation,close American schools and fund schools in third world nations instead ... Business and Public Schooling 1999 Gary K. Clabaugh ... nation's schools. Previously these busy

Problem Analysis: Overcrowded Haddonfield Schools
School buildings are inadequate to handle ... The Haddonfield Elementary Schools and Middle School are Overcrowded 1999 Marian Hughes ... and one middle school are not conducive to the

Production Models of the School
between resources and achievement still makes a substantial difference ... Basic Production Model Achievement depends on resources (alone?) A ... Resources and Achievement can relate in

Public School Reform: Mired in Metaphor
educational Horizons . Public School Reform: Mired in Metaphor 2005 ... 11/05 The Schooling Rule: Education is a certified ... Rowan (1977) [1] School outcomes: which ones should reform

Racial or Gender Achievement Gaps: the Result of Basic School Conflicts?

School and Family Partnership
parental involvement in the school necessarily beneficial? Do we want our children ... by a village'? School and Family : A Partnership for ... in the public school I went to harried us

School as Organization
The school as organization emphasizes structure, role and ... Chapter 8, "The School as an Organization" in Gary ... G. Rozycki Understanding Schools: the Foundations of Education (1990

School Image: Expectations & Controversies
function of the schools coalesce into images, Temple, Factory ... afflicting American public schools. Rewritten from parts of ... Rozycki Understanding Schools: the foundations of

School Responsibility. How can a student be prepared for the work world?

School Uniforms: Does What Students Wear Really Make A Difference?
Are school uniforms a false remedy for ... issues in public schools?

School Vouchers: analysis of the controversy
vouchers to public school students for alternative forms of ... at public expense. School Vouchers: analysis of the controversy ... week to a school voucher initiative for the nation

Solving School Problems: a conflict resolution approach
theory to address school problems This document is rewritten ... G. Rozycki Understanding Schools New York: Harper Rowe 1990 Solving School Problems: a conflict resolution

Special Education and School Achievement: An Explanatory Analysis
Downloadable ! Author(s): A. Reynolds & B. Wolfe. Abstract: Since the passage of
Mills v. Board of Education in 1972, school district spending on special ...

Success in College: what might influence it?

Teaching, Causation And Learning And The Image Of The School
image of the school, Temple, Factory or Public Arena ...

Tracking Controversy
students in public high schools is investigated in the light of ... in public high schools is investigated in the light ... tracking of high school students without exceptional physical, mental

Universal Preschool in Pennsylvania
by the local school district, the local Head Start ... of success in school. (Neuman, December 2003). Failing to ... more children entering school without basic prereading skills,

What Does a Diploma Mean? Just Another Sheep Skinned?

What Works?
who typically offer school districts panaceac methodologies [1] are ... health will be achieved by eradicating sickness. Such ... Our public schools, strangely enough, promulgate