Contrary to Fact Conditions: Drill Sheet 1

©2012 Edward G. Rozycki, Ed.D

edited 2/16/12


Directions: Construct sentences on the model of the example.

Example: Because Joe comes late, he misses the bus. ---> If Joe came early, he would not miss the bus.

1. Because Sam eats too much, he gets sick. ---> If Sam ate less, _______________________________

2. Because Mary reads a lot, she knows a lot. --->____________________________, she would know less.

3. Because Jack has money, he buys lots of candy. --->___________________ no money, _________________________

4. Because Carla likes to sing, she sings a lot. --->_______________________________________________________

5. Because Carla sings well, we pay her a lot. --->_______________________________________________________

6. Because Jack can run fast, he wins all the time. --->_______________________________________________________

7. Because Sam has to study, he stays home a lot. --->_______________________________________________________

8. Because Joe practices a lot, he can run fast. --->_______________________________________________________

9. Because Larry is so stupid, he always hurts himself. --->_______________________________________________________

10. Because we seldom study, we often fail exams. --->_______________________________________________________

11. Because Sam cannot wait, he leaves early. --->_______________________________________________________

12. Because Joe won't go, we will go instead. --->_______________________________________________________

*CAN'T HANDLE THE ERRORS? LOOK UP: mood, principle parts of verbs, if-then statements.

NOTES: The transforms can be done rather mechanically. You often don't need to know the meanings of the words. An interesting thing to investigate, however, is whether the meaning of the intial sentence is preserved through the transformations. Sometimes it is; other times, not. Why? Discover for yourself.