Epithet Bingo for Educators

edited 4/20/14

Do you keep falling asleep in meetings and seminars? Here is a way to change all of that! Play Epithet Bingo. It's fun, it's educational and what's more, it's FREE. Just download, copy and distribute this file to any and all interested colleagues.


How to Play: Check off each block when you hear selected buzz words during a meeting, seminar or phone call. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and shout, "(selected epithet)!"

Buzz-Word Selections: the playing board illustrated below contains a variety of buzz-words commonly found in Eastern U.S. urban educational establishments. You should feel free to replace them with any you find particularly overused or mishandled in your particular situation.

Selecting an Epithet: One has, of course, the vast wealth of English vulgarity at one's disposal. But tact and consideration for the squeamishness of others might bring one to consider words less likely to provoke social opprobrium. Latinate words, in particular, sound learned, even, possibly, laudatory. Players might compete with one another in choosing epithets rare and erudite, exploring, for example, Greek roots of particular descriptive appropriateness for the presentation at hand. One interesting variation is to use the offending buzzword as the epithet: speakers find this confusing and tend to interpret it as approbation, thereby intensifying the game.

Sample Game Board:

 Preparing for the World of Work
 High Standards
 Small Learning
 Knowledge- Based
 Meeting Needs


Testimonials from Satisfied Players

"I had only been in the faculty development seminar for five minutes when I won my first game of Epithet Bingo." -- Jack W., Boston

"Epithet Bingo has helped my attention span at school board meetings improve dramatically." -- David D., Florida

"A small group of district delegates astonished the Secretary of Education when we played Epithet Bingo during his annual presentation to the state legislature." --Cynthia W., Harrisburg

"The atmosphere was tense in the last faculty meeting as fourteen of us waited for the fifth box." -- Ben G., Denver

"The superintendent was stunned as eight of us screamed, "Coprophagy!" for the third time in two hours." -- Kathleen L, Atlanta

"I never listened very hard to what my principal said at meetings before, but now I hang on every word, playing Epithet Bingo." William S., Santa Clara.

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