What's The Connection?
Unpacking an Enthymeme

1999 Edward G. Rozycki

Edited 11/17/18

What is the point being made? What beliefs connect the ideas in each problem? Can you articulate the missing premise(s)? Is the connection logical? (See Reconstructing Assumptions)

1. If you want to get on Joe's good side, buy him a beer!

2. Don't eat those crackers! They taste like fish.

3. Are you going to believe Ed? He's a politician.

4. So Barbara's studying calculus. I guess she wants to be an engineer.

5. Don't forget your umbrella. The weatherman predicts rain.

6. Business people support open immigration. You can figure out Rita's position on the issue since she owns a boutique.

7. Don't look for Henry at the library! His frat's throwing a party.

8. Because Bob's always trying to diet, he gets fatter and fatter.

9. Watch out! Sam's going to drive the tractor.

10. Immigration has to be restricted. It's already hard enough to find a fresh Snickers bar!

11. Susan's reading the New York Times. Next thing you know she'll be voting Democrat.

12. You should get Bernice to help you with your taxes. She's a math major.

13. Nobody with an ounce of self respect drinks Red Goat beer!

14. You ask what's wrong with Lee? We're at a party. The drinks are free.

15. Who lives in slums? Immigrants, that's who!

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