Case Studies: Socialization, Education, Schooling
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edited 2/27/05

How would you characterize Sammy's experience in each of the following cases?

Using the following scale, evaluate each case in each column independently:

1= definitely not; 2 = probably not; 3 = undecided; 4 = probably so; 5 = definitely so.





1. Sammy is given piano lessons in his home by a private teacher.


2. Sammy is shown by local gang members how to assist in a burglary.


3. Sammy learns to sit patiently with a headache waiting for the school nurse while she takes a coffee break.


4. Sammy learns to turn in homework on time.


5. Sammy gains twenty pounds.


6. Sammy learns to sing tenor in his school choir.


7. After.spending three years alone in a cave, Sammy achieves a mystical experience.


8. Sammy serves a detention locked alone in a classroom.


9. Sammy comes to believe that Lincoln was female.


10. Sammy learns from his teacher that Lincoln was a Confederate spy.


Transfer corresponding data points from any two columns onto a 5x5 graph to see if any correlations occur.