Drinking from the Bloodpit

The Unexamined Life
is Not Worth Living
- Socrates


c/o Gary K Clabaugh, Ed.D.

edited 1/28/22

 Odysseus Seeks To Question the "Flittering Shade" of Teiresias

Perimedes and Eurylochus restrained the sacrificial victims while I drew my sharp sword from its sheath, and with it dug a pit two foot square, then poured a libation all around to the dead, first of milk and honey, then of sweet wine, thirdly of water,

Then I prayed devoutly to the powerless ghosts of the departed, ... When, with prayers and vows, I had invoked the hosts of the dead, I led the sheep to the pit and cut their throats, so the dark blood flowed.
Then the ghosts of the dead swarmed out of Erebus brides, and young men yet unwed, old men worn out with toil, girls once vibrant and still new to grief, and ranks of warriors slain in battle, showing their wounds from bronze-tipped spears, their armour stained with blood.
Round the pit from every side the crowd thronged, with strange cries, and I turned pale with fear. Then I called to my comrades
and told them to flay and burn the sheep killed by the pitiless bronze;

I myself, drawing my sharp sword from its sheath, sat there preventing the powerless ghosts from drawing near to the blood, till I might question Teiresias. -- Ghosts of Erebus, -- Homer  (trans.Tony Kline 2004)


A Twentieth-Century Odyssey
Pursuing Examined Life

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