School Violence : A WebRing & External Bibliography with Links
2006 NewFoundations
edited 1/19/18

Columbine Massacre
... climate of Columbine High School was an important factor in the ... at Columbine High School near Littleton, Colorado. Planning to ... bombs in the school cafeteria. Then they waited outside ...

Do Warm Hearts and Gentle People Promote Violence? You Betcha!

Doing Violence to 'Violence'
Careless use of the term, 'violence', helps to confuse importance educational issues. A version ... pp. 165-168

Permissible School Violence
...morality, the term, violence, has acquired the connotation of wrongdoing. Considerations Pro & Con.

Reflections on School Disorder
... falsely believe that violence is a common school condition. Not just inner...

School Bullies
Ignoring bullying in school: we force kids to attend school then abandon them to mistreatment. ...

SCHOOL UNIFORMS: Does What Students Wear Really Make A Difference? Are school uniforms a false remedy for serious ...

School Violence and the News
School violence is in the headlines again, 6 years after Columbine, the tragic Colorado school shooting in which many students died. Now, sadly, two school...

School Violence, Punishment, and Justice
Misuse of the term,'violence,' confounds accurate description of school problems and generates bad policy.

School violence, School shootings, youth violence.
... How dangerous are our schools? Why do kids_kill? Who can help? What about gun safety? The Why Files _ More! . ...

Schools' Zero Tolerance Policies
... policies implemented by many school districts to combat the rise in serious ... real or threatened violence or the use or sale ... to these incidents, school boards have begun to mandate

Should You Worry About School Violence?
Addresses legitimate concerns about school violence and provides ways young people can help to ensure that their school remains safe.

Singapore Solution
... inner-city middle school. I say "tries to teach" ... The teacher, our school leader asserted, had "employed unauthorized ... chair into a school assembly. My Nigerian-American friend

Violence, even in school, is not necessarily wrong.

Violence in Philadelphia Public Schools: Old News?