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 The Academic Carnival: A ticket to the good life?

ACE | Higher Education Policy Research & Topics Database
Links to higher education policy centers (both university-based and freestanding), associations, ...

Adjunct Faculty Usage and Technology
... managing public policy and public opinion, working ...

Analysis Of Policy, The Can Philosophy Help?
Policy implementation … raising issues of definition ... virtue.

Avoiding Medication Errors Through Instructional Policy
… entry-level nursing education about medication administration.

Career-Based Curriculum Policies In Liberal Arts Colleges
 An Examination Of The Issues ... demands that higher education be career-based, rather than ... a well-rounded education. Ironically, several studies have shown…

Center for Evaluation and Education Policy
… promotes and supports rigorous program evaluation and education policy research primarily, ...

Centralized Marketing Functions in Higher Education: An Examination of Two Models
marketing functions in higher education. ... costs of higher education and the growing competition for …

Clearinghouse on Educational Policy and Management
… part of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) network operated by the US ...

College And University Governance In The United States
... American higher education is currently governed, ... future higher education policy. …

The Indeterminacy of Consensus
Why voting misleads in governance.

Controlling the School: Institutionalization
... Control as Rationale Policy The Functions of Policy The Costs and Benefits of Policy …

Dynamics of Teacher Certification: survival of the most adaptable
… education goes through "pendulum swings" in policy and curriculum matters.

Education for Work
… will explore one facet ... the public schools. Education for Work …

Education Policy Analysis Archives--Arizona State University.

Equitable Participation Opportunities for Student on Field Trips

A Most Esssential Question: How Many Are Truly Educable?

Living in a Cloud of Buzzwords? A possible remedy.

Fiscal Policy Effects on Grade Inflation
fiscal and budgetary policy, specifically, the use by many ...

Institute for Higher Education Policy
… mission is to foster access to and quality in postsecondary education ...

International / Educational Policy Institute
Improving Educational Policy & Practice Through Research

Justice through Testing
Defining the discrepancy between potential and achievement

Literacy Instruction -- Promoting Quality Assurance

Mechanisms for Policy Reversal
Variation in policy formulation is explained as a ...

Merit Pay for Teachers: how it can go wrong. Does merit = obsequiousness?

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
Provides action-oriented analyses of state and federal policies affecting education beyond high school.

Policy -
… in the US, the federal role in education is limited. Because of the Tenth Amendment, most education policy is decided at the state and ...

Policy Analysis - Computer Access Policy
A policy actually developed in an Eastern ... computer access.

Policy Proposal for New Student Orientation and Book Discussion Group: ...

Policymaking Function of the Faculty Senate
Development of Academic Policy The Policymaking Function of the ... development of academic policy. Since faculties exercise significant ... models of policy analysis (Dye, 1998

Political Incompetence Influences Educational Policy and Practice.
Respected educator resigns rather than just go along.

The Pop-Psych Schoolhouse. Educational Reform Mired in (Inspired by?) Scientific Misconception

Productivity, Politics and Hypocrisy in American Public Education: school organization as instrument and expression
Political concerns undermine productivity; and, vice-versa.

Questionable Assumptions in Social Decision --Building policy on weak foundations.

Reforming Teacher Education: just tinkering around the edges. Is Arne Duncan really serious about improving schools?

School Administrators: caught between rocks and hard places.

School as Organization
... Introduction Schooling: Education vs. Organization …

School Image: Expectations & Controversies
 ... School as Moral Community, Factory or Marketplace ...

School Responsibility. How can a student be prepared for the work world?

School Vouchers: analysis of the controversy
… alternative forms of education at public expense. School Vouchers: ... compared education to consumable market goods.

The Social Promotion Scarecrow: Feeding the Convenience of the Machine.

What? No More Brownie Points! It’s … It’s UnAmerican!