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All Schools Are Little Wheels: the J. Fred Muggs Effect

Attention, Earthlings! How Strangely You Educate Your Young!

Behavior Control and Ethology
… behavior control scheme in our artificial animal can be viewed as consisting of two important ...

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Controlling the School: Institutionalization
Knowledge and Charisma Control Informal Control Different Modes of Control Control as Command Control as Cause Control as Rationale Policy

Deep Secrets of Motivation, The
... want more classroom control ...

Drugging Students to Accept the Status Quo
Society is now drugging our youth with behavior control pills, ... Behavior control drugs are forcing students to accept the teachers' view of success while ...

“Expert Advice” You Can Do Without

Foundations of Curriculum, The
Status Interests Vocational Interests Social Control Interests

Functional Analysis in Education: Science or Just Plain Old B.S.?

Functional Analysis of Behavior: theoretical & ethical limits
... mathematical and other constraints on the definition of voluntary behavior.

Human Behavior: Measurement & Cause. Long Abstract
... measurement of human behavior and its causal analysis. ...

Is Virtue a Learning Outcome?
… little causal control over, in the scientific sense. One ... his or her control of resources; authority depends upon ... of training and behavior give us reason to bestow...

Mathematics of Behaviorism: an informal examination. Mathematical models of Behaviorist theory reveal restrictions on practicing psychologists.

Measurability & Educational Concerns
for measurability of behavior must be compatible with identity conditions of behavior to be measured.

Mechanisms for Policy Reversal
Potential and Social Control A Mechanism: celebratory-pejorative ... bureaucratic educational control"!) Is this real ... tighter quality control" - "reducing alienation through

More on Rewards and Reinforcers
... language of voluntary behavior and that of reinforcement theory ... partitioning of behavior types needed to ...

Organizational Problem: Illusion And Reality
... individuals affect their behavior; b. this behavior of individuals affects in turn ... to affect organizational behavior, ...

Pain vs. Anguish
interest in social control which undermines pluralism. the control of behavior is concerned. Some day we ... Ethnicity undermines social control. …

Pluralism and Rationality: the limits of tolerance
…  the social control capabilities of public mass education ... accidental, unconscious, or compulsive behavior on the one hand, and deliberate action ...

Power in Schooling Practice
skills at social control …

ProTeacher! Behavior management and positive discipline plans and ...
Real tips and solutions from those "in the trenches."

Question of the Day: Behavior control
Today's Realistic Resolution focuses on finding behavioral strategies that work, ...

Risk Management in Education
… are under educator control. Second, there are necessary social ... beyond any educator's control.

School as Organization
...expectation models, we will see that the notion of authority, control and policy varies with them.

School Image: Expectations & Controversies
… Effectively changing behavior for many students may ...

Skinner's Concept of Person
reinforcer, stimulus and behavior ... from other behavior on the basis of reinforcement ...

Skinner's Walden Two -- a review
Functional Analysis of Behavior A Critical Review of B ... self that initiates behavior"

Talking About Evil: does it help understanding?

Teacher as Technician
for the technical control of the pedagogical process are ... causal link between behavior and outcome. Thus, success in ... are subject to control. ----- Ellen J. Langer, "The Illusion …

Using Theory
any theory which promises control, which - to those who lust to ... the researcher to control some variables through others is ... user (or his behavior) will be restricted by user