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A Ship without a Rudder: reconstructing a foundering middle school

children with DIABETES - Developmental Issues: Adolescence
Children with Diabetes is the online community for parents, kids, adults, and
families living with type 1 diabetes.

Delivering Community-Integrated Care to Children
Future efforts to improve the health of children and adolescents must focus on community-level outcomes and include multidisciplinary models of care (Perrin, 1992). Several studies

Language Ideology in Schooling Practice
Speech choices must be considered in context of the speakerís social position, strategically made life choices, and the symbolic values of the available linguistic alternatives Language

Oppositional Disorder
... instance, the time I asked my adolescent son to take out the trash. He griped, "Why should ... disorder explains much of this adolescent behavior, does the malady still linger in his psyche ...

Random Drug Tests for High School Athletes
... a negative role model for other adolescents, especially younger athletes, who would also be influenced by their strong desire to be accepted ...

Reflections on School Disorder
... As a veteran teacher of early adolescents I reasoned that if school disorder had spread, most middle schools would be in chaos. ...

Sacrifices to Parental Ambition and Pride: the new molechs?

SENG: Articles & Resources - Adolescence and gifted: Addressing ...
Title: Adolescence and gifted: Addressing existential dread ... To borrow from
Erikson's (1968) way of describing growth, adolescence is assailed at every ... AdolescenceAndGiftedAddressingExistentialDread..html

Tag: adolescence -
In the popular image of adolescence, however, adolescent peer groups often play
a negative role in adolescent development. ...

Talk:Adolescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I think perhaps adolescence should redirect to puberty and teenager should mostly
... But then again adolescence is perhaps concerned with mental as well as ...

Teach for America
holistic understanding of the knowledge base that illuminates each child or adolescent as a very individual LEARNER. To qualify for a life-time in teaching, all one has to do is take

Tracking in Schools
some of the years of adolescence and childhood. Why do it? Because, rationalizes the principal ... What's their kids' childhood or adolescence if it pleases their own ambition? In Genesis

Psychologists in the Classroom
in our society we tend to treat childhood, particularly adolescence, as a malaise. Childhood is a symptom to be "treated" by schooling, psychology or even pharmacology.

Transition to Higher Education for Students with Learning Disabilities
Colleges and universities have recently begun to recognize the lack of effective transition services for students with disabilities. Implementing a program on campus that provides