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G. Clabaugh, Thunder on the Right: The Protestant Fundamentalists
Original Publisher: Chicago, Illinois: Nelson-Hall, 1974

Reissued electronically ©2010 NewFoundations

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As important and essential as when it first appeared, this book has been reissued in electronic form for anyone concerned about or interested in America's Radical Right. It should be read by anyone who wants to gain in-depth understanding and obtain detailed background data that will give clarification to the movement's direction, power, and threat. Clabaugh analyzes the fundamentalist Protestant sector in terms of its behavior, as well as its ideologies, historical background, leaders, organizations, resources, and methods, while evaluating the impact of the movement on our contemporary culture.

The book's organization has been planned to facilitate easy reference to specific subjects -- Carl Mclntire's history, for example -- and readers are offered special insights into the tactical attacks the Radical Right uses to challenge local, state, and national educational processes, sex education being a classic example.

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