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A Does Prohibiting Corporal Punishment Prevent Abuse? ... F Should Schools be Clone Factories? ... S "Sacred Values" in public schools

The Academic Carnival. Ticket to the good life?

Is School Failure the Worst Thing?

Sacrificing Kids.

Why Accreditation Doesn't Work -- who can you trust?

Offer People Fair Choices. They Don't Have to Like it.

Sacrificing Public Education to "Pursue Excellence"?

The Achievement-Gap-GDP-Gap Myth: Selling Diet-Pills.

What is a Fair Grade?

Maintaining Safe Schools:: How?

Teacher Accountability: Why?

 Faking Know-How With Sloganeering

School Administrators: between rocks and hard places?.

Living with False Assumptions

Same-Sex Marriage: another Church-State confusion.

Affirmative Action: Who Deserves Consideration?



Affirming Diversity: always a wise choice?

All Schools are Little Wheels: the J. Fred Muggs Effect

False Guarantees: a diploma

Scapegoating to escape Accountability

America 2000: a charade?

American Democracy: do the schools support it?

Family and School: an underlying conflict?

Can Science Teach Morality?

American Faith in "Faith"

Why Not Forget About the Public Schools?

Visions of School Improvement: promises unfulfilled

Are Humans Rational? What's at Stake?

Searching for Reality?

Are Kids Crazy? Is their patience pathological?

School Failure Mythology

Armed Guards in Public Schools?

Formal Education as Stultification

School Reform: a juggling act.

Artificial Intelligence Weirdness. You bet!

Academic Formalities: just making teacher clones?

School Reform: who Dominates?

Assumptions: can we avoid making them?

School Success: a miracle?

Is Your Child Really At Risk? -- lessen your worries.

Abetting Fraud in School Systems and Universities

Is School Still Educational?

Does Schooling Promote Personal Authenticity?

Freedom and Citizenship: can it be done?


Your Authority is an attitude in the minds of others.

Are You A Free Individual?


Authors Wanted for this Website

Raising Test Averages: is this good?

Free Market Incentives to Educational Monopoly

Schooling Entitlement: an unwanted gift?

Avoiding Controversy: a survival necessity

Power and Freedom: do most people want them?

Schooling: from the trifling to the trivial
B Bad Actors in Organizations: an illusion?

From non-Science to Nonsense

Does Schooling Actually Harm Students?

Bashing Teachers

Functional Analysis in Education? Science?

Schooling Neurosis: power placebos

Belief, Truth and Faith -- differences
G Gaming the System: a great tradition!

Schools Can Be Just Too Big

 Believer vs Atheist ... and other distracting frauds.

Getting Clear on Outcomes

School Productivity vs School Politics

What Benefits Should Schools Promote? For Whom?

Getting Down to Facts. How?

School Reform: High Cost, Low Yield

Benign Dictatorship: a rational pursuit?

Getting Tough with the Schools!?

School Reform: Maintaining the Status Quo?

Best Practices? Don't Bet On It!

God, Church and Schooling for Democracy

School Reform: promoting class warfare?

Bestowing Trust

A Good Education: substance or symbol?

School Science: facts or dogmas?

 Better Teachers: who needs them?

Good for you? Good for me? Prudent or Ethical?

School Testing: Kick the ball, Charlie Brown!

 Blaming the Bat-boy

Good Lies, Wise Evasions

Public “Science” Controversy: is it only distrust?

Blocking Change: the real purpose of "school reform?"

Grades: an Illusion?

Can Science Improve Moral Education?

Blocking Inquiry

Granola-Bar Knowledge

Bribes: should teachers use them?

Guessing At What Elicits Behavior

Selling Off Your Freedom. Your Price?

Another Bright Idea? Be Careful! 

Gun Fun or Safe Kids? Not both?

 Are Humans Rational? The Stakes.

No More Brownie Points?

Become an Education Guru!

Romantics and Idealists Promoting Service Learning

Buffering: enhancing moral hazard?

Hard Facts? None in politics!

Bullshit: common currency in public discourse
H Higher Academic Education: a road to Servitude?

Sharia? Not to Worry. It's Evangelical.


Honor Killing-- Serving the Idols of the Tribe


School Bullying: in memory of Phoebe Prince

What is School For? Honors or Knowledge?

SLOGANS: junkfood, dead weight or poison?

What's So Bad About Bullying?

What Hurts? What Harms?

The Social Promotion Scarecrow


Teaching Values: early lessons in Hypocrisy

Curriculum for the Soul

How to Make a Bundle in the Ed Biz

Hunt for Witches, to improve the schools

Speak English or Else! Keeping the dice loaded.

I The Ideal Citizen: a wimp & a liar?

The Ideal Citizen: tactful & retiring -- a reconsideration?

C Can Politics Improve Schools?

The Ideal School: What would it be like?

Which Services for Children in Special Education?

Pursuing a Career in a School Bureaucracy

Illusions of Leadership

Is Special Education Fair?

Cause & Effect: essential belief ...?

Impediments to Improving Teaching: role v function

Indulging Power, Denying Nurture

The Citizen's Faith: inculcated by public education.

Ineffective Instruction: Through ... Distraction?

Inequity? It’s not just how!

The Social Promotion Scarecrow

Educational Innovation: stuck in the mud!

Socrates' Cafe: encounter group or catechism class?

Intellectual Confection or Practicable Theory?

Institutional vs. De-Biased Realities

Institutionalizing Wisdom

Specialist Educators: are they really needed?

Interventionism: helping, interfering or ... ?

Inverting Risk

Staff Development: Bibbidee, bobbidee, boo!

 Changing Resisters to Supporters

K Kids Don't Want To Learn? Pay Them To!

Charter Schools: no secrets.

Does your school needs a Kluge maker?

Standardization Stifles Learning Physics


Knowing What You Don't Know. Is it Possible?

State Aid to Philadelphia schools
        What is Knowledge? Really?      

Charter School Scandal? Again? You can bet on it!

Knowledge, Freedom...Are These the Point of Schooling?

Stimulus Cash for Schools: fix what ain't broken?

Cheating & Plagiarism: are they so bad?
L Leadership: a magic wand?

Strip Searches, Reason and Ethics

Leadership: one size fits all?

Must Our Leaders Be Scoundrels, Too?

Must Good Leaders Engage Conflict?

Cheating Well -- if ya just gotta do it!

Learning From Bad Example

Student-Centered Public Schools?

Lecture: an overused pedagogical tool?

Student Debt and Graduation Rates


The Liberal Arts: House of Intellect or of Questionable Repute?

Student Teaching: just another hoop to jump through?

Are our Choices "Hard Wired"?

Good Lies, Wise Evasions

Leader's First Pursuit: Incumbency

Educational Choice: why not?

Living in a Cloud of Buzzwords? A possible remedy.

Stupid Opinion or Free Speech?

Choosing a School for your Kids: what kind?

Success in College: What might influence it?

Making Kids Learn: can it be done?

Superstition: what is it ? Does it matter?

Is a Church a community? A Faith, a Doctrine?

Masks: words that hide agendas

Class Control? Why not?

Math Wars: a tempest in a teapot?

Switching Sides -- and taking others along.
   School Reform = Class Warfare?
    Handling Special Means-Ends Conflicts: MCEO's      

Are Students a Teacher's Clients?

Mentors for New Teachers: just another fad?

Systems Don't Do the Work.

Mental Meringue: conjecture as educational theory
T Take-Over

Cloning Citizens

 Merging School Districts: Benefits & Costs

Teacher Bashing

Cognitive Skills & Economic Development

METI: Here We Are! Come Eat Us!

Teacher Desertion? Or, Teacher Assertion?

Are Colleges Still Doing "Their Job?"

College Graduate Earnings: a college responsibility?

Micromanaging Teachers

Teacher Education Curricula: worth anything?

College Graduation? No guaranteed ticket to success.

Mind Control in Education

The First Teacher-in-Space: remembering a pointless tragedy

Choosing the Lesser Evil: a Moral Failure?

Killing at Columbine. Why?

"Moral Hazards" in Schooling

Teacher Leadership: likely, or not?

Common Curriculum Standards - a long chase

 More School Reform Follies

Teachers Needed: only mature people need apply.

Common Sense, or Hubris?

School Regulations & Competition

Computers: magic wands?

Motivating Kids? Not to Worry!

Teacher No-Shows: desertion, or moral assertion?

Must Conflict Be a Negative Process?

Multicultural Ed: enlightenment or degradation?

Teacher Overload: too many broths ruin the cook 

Confusing Faith with Doctrine, ...

A Confusion: role vs function?

Consensus: what is it?

What is the "Consensus about Schooling"

Multicultural Ed: solving problems of immigration?

Teacher Quality: a distractor?

Are Multicultural "Rainbows" Just Nonsense?

Consensus is Like Orgasm

Multiculturally Sensitive, or just making excuses?

Teacher Talk: does more of it help?

>No Consensus, No Authority

Multiculturalism in America and Europe

The Teacher Tenure Bogeyman

Control in the School: illusions and realities

Mutually Cost-Enhancing Objectives, MCEO's

Teacher Training: what you don't learn

Is there Corruption in American Education?
N Name-Dropping is Not Enough

A Good Teacher Supervisor

Cosmetic Grammar: "class" through speech change

The National Dishonor Society

Teaching School: soon extinct?

Do Schools Really Need to Cost So Much?

National Standards: the ends of different rainbows

Teaching Values ? Or Training Parrots?

Are School Specialists Cost Effective? >

Wishful Thinking: National Standards

Looking for a Teaching Job? Think hard about it!

Costs and Risks of Education

Counterfeits, Fakes: how are they possible?

Technician or Magician: can you tell?

Criminal Behavior: can it be objectively treated?

Are Educators Trained to Think Critically?

NCLB: throw the baby out with the bath!

Will Technology Make Schooling More Efficient?

Critical Thinking: weapon or tool for self-development?

Temptations of School “Reform”

Critical Thinking About “Critical Thinking”?

The Sorrows of A Life-Long Teacher Educator.

Why are Public Schools Test Crazy?

Schools against Critical Thinking?

What's Culture? Bias and Discrimination.


Are Terrorists All Crazy?
D The Dangers of Diplomas

Education That "Meets Their Needs."

Testing Fraud?!!! Is It Possible?!!!

The Worm Turns: Test the Politicians!

Deadening the Mind. Weakening the Will.

Neurosis Schooling for Social Control

Thank your Politician

Dealing with Controversy: dodging the bullets ...

 New Teacher Troubles

Therefore … !” Proof or Spoof?

Dealing with Cultural Difference

Non-Violence: Gandhi's goal?

Theory: can it be applied? How?

Misdirected Dedication
O Opposition to Charter Schools

Thinking Like a Computer

Oppositional Disorder: In Praise of the Therapeutic.

Disguising Leadership Weakness

Organizational rituals of evaluation

TIMSS: competing for what?

Disregarding School Reform Critics
P Sacrifices to Parental Ambition and Pride

Dreams, Luck and Too Many Cooks: American higher education

Will Parental Involvement Help Improve Schools?

Tolerate Everything, Stand for Nothing

Past US Colleges-- were they better?

Education for a Democratic Society: where does this happen?

Performative Recognition: creating facts and community

Top School Leadership: fooled or fools?

Philosophical ISM's: What are they?

The Democratic Process: an illusion?

Mistyping People: placement test error and worse

Is Getting Tough with Public Schools the Answer?

Ought Schools Be Run Democratically?

How to Plan a Conference (Oh, the Horror!)


Destroying Middle Class Education

 Play Sex; not Play Murder

Destroying Schools to Improve Them

Pluralistic Citizens: can schools educate these?

Tracking in Schools: myth & rhetoric

High School Diploma or Doomed to Poverty : is that the only choice?

Policy Reversals: the bane of "true believers"

Tracking vs Differentiated Instruction

What Does a Diploma Mean?

We're All Politicians, sometimes.

Can Your Trust Yourself? Searching for Certainty

Dishonor Awards

Politics vs Efficiency: the realities of American public schools


Disregarding Disagreement: rituals of misdirection

 Poor Teaching. What Is It Exactly?

Celebrate Diversity! How do we do that?

Practical Statistics are Local

Trust: disease or drug?
E Earthling Education: how strange!

Preaching Against Violence

What is Truth?

The Economic Dynamics of Instruction

What is it to be Precise?

Is Education Just For Trivial Pursuit?

Can Education be a Science?

Productive Schools? Politics comes first! 
U Are Universities productive?

Perplexing Educational Decisions

Pseudo-Science: “X is no more than Y”

Uniforms, More Hocus-Pocus

Educational Faith? Or Muddled Dogma?

Public Education is Political

Universal Entitlement Suppresses Quality

...But an Educator has Just One Career

Politics and School Reform

Usurping the Rights of Others

Educator Self-Lobotomy with Slogans

Using Philosophy to Inform Practice

Measuring Educational Outcomes?

Productive Schools? Who Will Judge?
V Teaching Values: does anyone learn very much?

Education is a Battlefield

Prosecuting Educational Fraud

Violence in Philadelphia Public Schools: Old News?

Education without Indoctrination: is it possible?

"Protection": Prevention, Extortion, Compensation?

Violence, even in school, is not necessarily wrong.

Educational Choice? Why Not?

Public Opinion is like a Public Bathroom

Educational NewSpeak -- War is Peace

Public School, Religious School. Does it Matter?

Violence in Philly Schools! A tradition?

Educational Policy Reform -- wishes or delusions?

What Can Public Schools Teach?

The Coming School Voucher Disaster

Educational Reform: cycles of failure

GoodSpin: the basic rules for public school hype
W Warm Hearts and Gentle People Promote Violence

Web Stats: worse than useless?

If Educators were Rocket Scientists...

Public Schools Real Mission: Common Faith

What Can Be Learned?

What is Effectiveness?
Q Quest for Loyalty: Oaths, Promises ...

What Can Schools Do For Our Children?

Making Effective Teachers

Question the Question

What Can You Believe? Whom can you trust?

Pathologies of Enthusiasm: cheerleading is not enough!

Engaging Conflict: -- a Leadership Necessity?
 R Racial or Gender Achievement Gaps

What Do You Know That Has Never Entered Your Mind?

Escaping Accountability: selecting the "right" scapegoat.

Reading and Language Instruction: science...?

What does That Word "Really"Mean?

Cultural or Ethnic Difference: which is more easily tolerated?

What Makes a Test a Test?

Everyone a College Graduate?

Here's a chance to Reform a School!

What Works in Schooling: the "Newfanglers" versus...

Evidence for Best Practices?

 Blocking School Reform: "scientific" metaphors

Why Are Some Schools Bad?

 Are Evil-Doers Irrational?

 Is Reform Really Needed At Your School?

Why is it Hard to Learn?

Talking About Evil. (Are some kids just evil?)

Reform Benefits: who gets them?

Why Not Forget About the Public Schools?

Can Excellence in Education be Achieved?

Reforming the Schools: who is willing to sacrifice for it?

Wishes, Visions, ...Delusions

Should US Educators Prepare Students for the Work World?

Should there be Experts in Education?

"Reform" is NOT Reform

A World Without Unpleasantness

"Expert Advice" You Can Do Without

Religion in the Public Schools: is Science the answer?

Who Can We Trust to Raise Our Children?

Extend the School Day?

Usurping the Rights of Others

Will That Dog Bite? Will That Applicant Be an Effective Teacher?

Extra-Terrestrials to Control Educational System

Risk, Damage and Fairness: who pays the costs?

Is American Education based on Wishful Thinking?

When Extremists Attack the Schools

 Cheating? By Whose Rules?